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Even if you haven't hired with us yet you can still sign-up to become an Avis Preferred member, receive our special member only offers and start gaining benefits from your very first hire. Rent twice in one year and receive a vehicle upgrade voucher and money off voucher. Rent a third time in the same year and we'll email you a voucher for a free weekend hire in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (excl. Corsica), Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy (excl. Sardinia), Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. Rent five times and spend €1,000 that year to qualify for Avis Preferred Plus, with complimentary single car upgrades and free additional driver. Rent 10 times and spend €2,000 that year to qualify for our President's Club tier and receive single guaranteed upgrades, double upgrades on weekends, a free additional driver and guaranteed car (for bookings at least 48 hours in advance). To receive your vouchers, you must be opted in to receive our emails. Earn rentals and spend on a global level and claim your benefits for all tiers in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France (excluding Corsica), Germany, Great Britain, Italy (excluding Sardinia), Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Discover and join Avis Preferred.


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